Happy Sleep Characteristics, Use and Effects


1.The high energy chips are installed in the device.

2. The product is CE and TÜV certified. It is harmless and odorless. It does not have any side effects. It is an effective, safe and easy system to use.Not an instant , not a permanent solution.

3.There are grooves on each side of the device to ease breathing. It does not annoy the user during the entire night. It has a small portable structure.

4.The device will aid you getting rid off snoring without having to have a surgery, not having to pay lots of money, and without any trouble. For this purpose this magnetic therapy device is widely used in Europe and in the States. HappySleep CMOS chips with the real world, the most effective in the treatment of snoring device, snoring.



Use and Effects

The device is equipped with high effective CMOS chip that when placed on the end of the trigeminal area of the nose it effectively opens the air-ways. This chip contains micro magnetic elements that create a physical therapy system. The device by opening the air-ways allows the air to ease in and helps prevent snoring...



Methods of Use of the Devise

It is placed in nostrils before sleep. The mounted side should be facing the upper lip. The thickness of the pillow of the user should not be thicker then a shoulder length. When removed in the morning, the devise should be cleansed with a damp cloth, dried and placed in its original box. Since the devise has healing effect, it can also be safely used during the day.





To secure the healing effect of the CMOS chip built in the product, keep the devise away from extreme heat and magnetic environments. Keep away from devises that regulate heart beat. Clean after each use and store in its box when not in use. Please note: The product is effective for up to 2 years.