Privacy and Security


Privacy greatly values the security and integrity of the users’ information. It is responsible of all the information that its users have trusted the system with. Your e-mail address, under no condition at all, will not be shared with any other company, and will not be used with the purpose of advertising, introduction, and marketing. Only you can access your information and make any changes. It is not possible for any other member to access your information and make any changes. With the exception of mandatory fields on the form, you can provide any additional information using your own initiative. If there should be any information that you would chose not to provide us with, you do not need to fill in these spaces. can gather various identifying information from its users. All the on-line forms filled for the product and for placing an order, and any other forms that need to be filled within the website are covered under the same clause. Cookies can be used in order to survey how our users use our website. Cookies exist in PC as a software and are used to identify the website users and for recognizing re-visiting users. Although not all the information we collect from users, are in individual nature they can be a number of other information relevant to the individual information. Information gathered through website can be used

in order to improve the productivity of the R&D, marketing, advertisement and sales of the website. All the personal information of our users found in our system is protected by high security measures. Within these principles your personal rights are guaranteed by us

You can send all your questions about our Privacy Policy to our e-mail address at

Every step taken using a credit card on our website is under security.


Site-Visitor Communication Security

On our order pages the communication between our site and visitors is conducted within 128-bit SSL standards. The above mentioned communication standards are under high security measures for even such high volume communications. On the credit card information providing page this is indicated by https://.... instead of http://. When you access pages of this nature, on the bottom right corner of the browser there will be a key icon.


Website-Bank Communication Security

The security of the credit card information that is transferred to the bank through the site will be realized by the Bank with the highest security measures. Besides a large number of security components in question, CVV2/CVC2 cods are also used to secure theft and provide safety for information provided using a credit card..


Site Data Security

The information that you will provide to conduct transactions in a secured environment, can only be accessed by you and by the bank that has assigned that information to you; no other parties, institution or organization can access your information. The credit card processing page will automatically direct your information to the bank’s POS system and the result will be sent to the client. Credit card information is not forwarded via e-mail or any other communication systems. It is not possible even for us accessing information provided using the online system.